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My first time here and I will never change eye docs. From the ladies that greeted me upon arrival to Jennifer helping me with my frames, they made the experience a positive one. Great job, ladies!

Edward K.

O’Rourke Vision care has been my Eye Care for quite some time - I first met Dr. Sharon at her previous location / in 2004 - She has been my Dr since- Trustworthy- exceptional diagnostic ability - kind - professional and caring, would be a few words to describe her- I highly recommend this Eye care for those in need.

Margueriete F.

“From the moment you’re greeted until the time you’re leaving the atmosphere is professional, respectful, and very friendly. The staff is so patient and supportive, taking the time to answer any questions you may have and explaining any testing that has been done. I can’t imagine going anywhere else for eye care..

Theresa R.

“I was impressed with the care I received from your office on E. Bruceton Rd. Dr. Waddell was very thorough and knowledgeable, she answered all my questions. I also thought it was amazing that she shared and explained the pictures of my eyes. Always helpful to understand what things look like in our own bodies! I am grateful that I have such a caring eye doctor I can feel comfortable with, thank you!

Christine G.

“I have been a patient at O'Rourke Vision Care for a number of years and I am always treated so kindly and respectfully. The doctors take the time to discuss your eye health and to go over any questions you may have. I highly recommend O'Rourke Vision Care if you want to have the best care and treated with respect and kindness.

Janice D.

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